Where Do NFTs Go After You Have Bought Them?

Newcomers to the world of NFTs frequently ask, “Where do my NFTs go once I’ve bought them?”. Although NFT platforms provide ways to view the NFT collections that you own, it’s important to understand where they are actually located.

A common misconception is that NFTs are stored on the blockchain. This is not entirely accurate — depending on which part of the NFT you are referring to. The NFT itself actually refers to the digital signature that is created during the minting process, i.e. when an NFT is created. This unique digital signature (also known as a “certificate”) is a token that includes a traditional web address that links to the digital item, e.g. a digital artwork, file or other form of digital asset.

The digital signature itself (i.e. the token) is actually the part that is stored on the blockchain, whereas the file, which it is associated with, is stored on the platform where you purchased it.

The NFT (remember, this is actually the non-fungible token) is thus a way to prove ownership of the item you have bought, but the image itself lives somewhere on the web, usually the website of the marketplace where you bought it.


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